Tent Sizing Chart

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Tent Sizing Chart

Use this chart to determine the size of the tent or tents you’ll require.  If you’re unsure of the size or sizes you’ll need, contact us at Reece Tent Rental, and we’ll help you chose the right tent for your event
Round Tables – Number of people seated:_____ x 12 sq. ft. /person =_______ sq. ft.Banquet Tables – Number of people seated:_____ x 10 sq. ft. /person =_______ sq. ft.   Standing – Number of people standing:_____ x 6 sq. ft. /person =_______ sq. ft.Head Table – Number of people at Head Table:_____ x 8 sq. ft. /person =_______ sq. ft.   Buffet Tables – How many buffet tables? :_____ x 100 sq. ft. /table =_______ sq. ft.60′ Round Cake Table – How many cake tables?_____ x 50 sq. ft. /table =_______ sq. ft.   Banquet Tables – How many banquet tables? :_____ x 100 sq. ft. /table =_______ sq. ft.Bars – 2 Bartenders Per Bar. How many bars?_____ x 150 sq. ft. /bar =_______ sq. ft.   Disc Jockey – If you’ll have a DJ, enter “100” to allow for room:_______ sq. ft..   Dance Floor  – If you’ll have a dance floor, enter square footage:_______ sq. ft.   Stage – If you’ll have a stage, enter square footage:_______ sq. ft.    +_______ sq. ft.   Total Square Footage Needed: =_______ sq. ft.

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