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A temporary deck built of wood and covered with Astroturf or carpet that helps alleviate inclement weather (rain drainage, cold, etc.). It also makes the surface more uniform, negating trip hazards and stabilizing seating.  There are four types of flooring offered.

  1. Sub Floor with Carpet – This type of flooring is to be considered when your surface is fairly level.  This lay down floor consists of 2″ x 6″ boards generally 16 feet in length placed on 2 foot centers.  Three quarter inch plywood is placed on top of the boards and then screws are used to secure. The surface is then covered with black indoor/outdoor carpet. 
  2. Porta Path – This type of flooring must be on hard surfaces since it dose not work well on thick, spongy grasses.  Porta Path is a three quarter inch resin surface that rolls out and locks together to form a floor.  It can be conformed to fit most rectangular and square areas.  It can also be covered with black carpet, if you desire.  This product is great for kitchen areas and catering tents.
  3. Scaffold Floors – Typically used for sloping areas or surfaces that are not level.  They can also be used to bring an area up to the height of another surface such as a porch or deck.  These floors are built on scaffolds with aluminum and wooden crossbeams with plywood and black carpet installed by insured professionals.
  4. Floors Over Pools – Same installation as scaffold floors without the scaffolds.  Some restrictions apply.


“Light grey Porta Path flooring” one roll shown standing.


Scaffolds with aluminum and wooden crossbeams


A 50′ x 70′ Scaffold flooring with safety rails. Floor to be covered with black carpet.

Dance Floor


White Outdoor Dance Floor